Salesforce, their Partners, their Customers, and You

We deliver official Trailhead Academy training for Salesforce customers in public and private classes, virtually and in-person, around the US and internationally. Our teams also work directly with internal Trailhead teams, supporting certification, curriculum development and Trailhead content.

Our extended team provides subject matter experts on all things Salesforce, and mentors teams, developers, administrators and end users from small businesses, enterprises and nonprofits, and we'll mentor you too. We can help you assess your needs, guide you towards existing technical content or create and deliver a custom learning plan with pin-point accuracy of what your developers need to focus on.

We regularly get pretty high marks and some gratifying comments on our student surveys from the classes we teach for Salesforce and their Partners. Here are some we've recently received.

What students say about Don...

  • 'Don was awesome. I really liked his presentation skills and knowledge of the subject. I wish I had Don as my instructor in my college courses. ;)'  
  • 'Learning a new programming language has never been so fun. I truely enjoyed the course and Don's style of presentation.'  
  • 'I'm still amazed at his patience w/ getting his point thru to all the admins in the class that hadn't done coding in the past - very good instructor.'  
  • 'Don was excellent about involving the class and making sure you understood. He is completely willing to help anybody and very positive.'  
  • 'Don was an excellent instructor. I came to the class with no background in web design besides tutorials. Don was able to articulate very clearly how everything worked without speaking at too high of a level and too technical. He was always making sure that no one was being left behind and answer any questions we had.'  


What students say about Peter...

  • 'I thought Peter was very helpful and informative. He's a very good public speaker and cares about his students retaining and understanding the information. He also left time for answers and encouraged asking questions. Really well done.'  
  • 'Peter is terrific! Great job. Super crazy knowledgable.'  
  • 'Very willing to help. Will discuss all aspects of Salesforce development. A good instructor.'  
  • 'Very easy to listen to. Explained things very well.'  
  • 'It became apparent to me early on that I was way over my head, but Peter encouraged me throughout and was more than available for questions and clarification before class, at lunch, and after class.'  


What students say about Dan...

  • 'Excellent instructor, really ensured his students understood the modules before moving on. Was available during lunch, before & after class to answer any questions.'  
  • 'Loved him - super energetic, funny, good explanations.'  
  • 'Dan did a good job of keeping the class on track, as far as the schedule was concerned...while also making time to answer questions and help everyone get through their course material.'  
  • 'Dan was absolutely phenomenal during the class. He is extremely detail oriented and knows app inside out. He was able to share details in every single task including the facts whether it is a new functionality, or it has changed recently, and what is or isn't supported by it.'  
  • 'Dan was awesome!'  


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